Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Brother Problems

Do you agree if I say that math is hard, actually I am good at math and maybe I have talent?

There are many people say that solving Math homework is hard, including my young brother. I told him to try to solve his own problem, I tried explaining to my brother what he did, but he refused to acknowledge he did or said anything inappropriate, calling me an ‘idiot’ and ‘retarded’ for not understanding the real story.

My mom asked me to help him but the problem is” I don’t have time for him”, I am so busy. I look he still confuse with calculus, maybe if I have a time I will help him to solve calculus.
Calculus is hard for him So, I try browsing in internet and looking for Calculus tutor and Calculus help, my browsing leads me to free math tutoring online and it’s real free.

I am very enthusiastic and my brother is enthusiastic also for trying new ways of Learning and it’s free math homework help. I definitely agree with their system that we should not automatically reject because I think it's different than any free math tutoring. Their tutors are available 24x7 to help my brother’s Math Homework and give him explanations to his Math problems. Their help service is very affordable and easy to use for my brother. Honestly, I am jealous, It‘s different when I was kids. However, if the kid and his reasonably intelligent dad can't figure it out, it's not accomplishing what it's supposed to.

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