Monday, December 6, 2010


Pernahkah kau merasakan ketergantungan yg begitu dalam pada seseorang? Dan ketika dia tidak ada, kau merasa kehilangan sebelah kaki dan tidak mampu berjalan?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

QOTD: Happyness

People say happiness is a choice.
I think happiness is you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bulan merindu

Bulan pucat di langit,
merindukanmu ....

Credit Pict :

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sajak paling perih

aku sanggup menulis larik-larik puisi paling perih malam ini.

menulis, misalnya, malam runtuh dan bintang biru gemetar di jauh sana. udara malam berpusar dan bernyanyi di angkasa.

aku sanggup menulis larik-larik puisi paling perih malam ini.

aku mencintai dia, dan sesekali dia mencintai aku pula.

dalam malam-malam seperti ini, mestinya kurengkuh dia di lenganku. mengecupnya, berulangkali, berulangkala, di bawah langit tanpa tepi.

sesekali dia mencintai aku, dan aku mencintai dia pula. bagaimana mungkin aku mampu tak mencintai matanya yang dalam dan tenang

aku sanggup menulis larik-larik puisi paling perih malam ini. di kepala dia tak lagi aku capai, di dada dia tak lagi aku gapai.

malam yang begitu mencekam, bertambah kejam sebab dia tiada.
dan puisi menetas di dada seperti airmata-embun menetes di rumputan.

tak mengapa kalau cinta tak bisa di sini menahan dan menjaganya.
malam runtuh dan dia tak bersama aku.

begitulah. di jauh sana seseorang lirih menyanyi, di jauh sana. duh, kini seluruh jiwaku luruh dan malam runtuh tanpa dia.

sebab ingin dia ada di sini. tetapi tetap tatapku tak sanggup
menangkap dia. hatiku mencari, tetapi tetap dia tiada di sini..........
Selalu ingin menulis tentangmu, tetapi sangat sulit. Jika menyangkut dirimu, semuanya tiba2 menjadi bisu dan kelu. Akhir2 ini, rasa tidak percaya diri itu muncul kembali. Apa mungkin? Sedangkan engkau tidak pernah memberi jawab yang jelas. Engkau mungkin melupakan satu hal, terkadang wanita membutuhkan bahasa verbal. Seorang teman pernah mengatakan, alangkah tidak adilnya jika cinta dibatasi oleh usia. Tapi kenyataannya memang demikian, bukan? Cinta selalu dibatasi jarak, perasaan, usia dan hal remeh temeh lainnya. Jadi apalagi yang kau harap? dan apalagi yang mesti aku tunggu?

Potongan sajak : Pablo Neruda, dikutip dari blog aan mansyur (


Akhirnya. Hanya ada saya dan sepi yang memeluk. Selalu begitu, disaat sedang galau, saya selalu ingin sendiri. Menikmati sepi, menikmati tangis tertahan.

Entahlah, apa memang galau ini layak untuk ditangisi. Saya hanya ingin mengeluarkan sesak yang membatu. Itu saja.

Monday, July 12, 2010

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Justin Bieber feat Jaden Smith | Never Say Never

Justin Bieber feat Jaden Smith: Never Say Never lyrics and video. Lagu ini adalah soundtrack film "Karate Kid" yang dibintangi oleh Jaden Smith dan Jacky Chan.

See I never thought that I could walk through fire.
I never thought that I could take the burn.
I never had the strength to take it higher,
Until I reached the point of no return.

And there’s just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
It’s my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, Pick it up,
Pick it up, Pick it up up up,
And never say never.

I never thought I could feel this power.
I never thought that I could feel this free.
I’m strong enough to climb the highest tower.
And I’m fast enough to run across the sea.

And there’s just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
Cause this is my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, Pick it up,
Pick it up, Pick it up, up, up,
And never say never.

Here we go! Guess who? JSmith and Jb!
I gotcha lil bro. I can handle him.
Hold up, aight? I can handle him.

Now he’s bigger than me, Taller than me.
And he’s older than me, And stronger than me.
And his arms a little bit longer than me.
But he ain’t on a JB song with me!

I be trying a chill
They be trying to side with the thrill.
No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will.

Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove.
Like Cobe with the 4th, ice water with blood.

I gotta be the best, and yes We’re the flyest.
Like David and Goliath, I conquered the giant.
So now I got the world in my hand,
I was born from two stars
So the moon’s where I land.

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Lady Gaga | Alejandro Lyrics and Video

I know that we are young,
And I know that you may love me,
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

She’s got both hands In her pocket
And she wont look at you Won’t look you at
She hides through love En su bolsillo
She got a halo around her finger Around you

You know that I love you boy
Hot like Mexico, rejoice
At this point I gotta choose
Nothing to loose

Don’t call my name Don’t call my name, Alejandro
I’m not your babe I’m not your babe, Fernando
Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch
Just smoke one cigarette and run
Don’t call my name Don’t call my name, Roberto

(Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro) x2
(Stop Please, Just let me go Alejandro, Just let me go)

She’s not broken She’s just a baby
But her boyfriend’s like a dad, just like a dad
Draw those flames that burn before him
Now he’s gonna find a fight, gonna fool the bad

You know that I love you boy
Hot like Mexico, rejoice
At this point I gotta choose
Nothing loose

Don’t call my name Don’t call my name, Alejandro
I’m not your babe I’m not your babe, Fernando

Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch
Just smoke one cigarette and run
Don’t call my name Don’t call my name, Roberto

(Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro) x2

Dont bother me, Dont bother me, Alejandro
Dont call my name, Dont call my name, Bye Fernando
I’m not you’re babe, I’m not you’re babe, Alejandro
Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch, Fernando

Dont call my name, Dont call my name, Alejandro
I’m not you’re babe, I’m not you’re babe, Fernando
Don’t wanna kiss don’t wanna touch.
Just smoke one Ciggarette and run.
Don’t call my name, Don’t call my name, Roberto.

(Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro) x2

Don’t call my name, Don’t call my name, Alejandro.
I’m not you’re babe, I’m not you’re babe, Fernando
Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch
Just Smoke one Ciggarette and run.
Don’t call my name, Don’t call my name, Roberto.

(Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro) x2

Shakira | Waka Waka Lyrics and Video

You’re a good soldier Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You’re on the frontline Everyone’s watching
You know it’s serious We’re getting closer
This isnt over

The pressure is on You feel it
But you’ve got it all Believe it

When you fall get up Oh oh…
And if you fall get up Oh oh…
Tsamina mina Zangalewa Cuz this is Africa
Tsamina mina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Listen to your god This is our motto
Your time to shine Dont wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising Their Expectations
Go on and feed them This is your moment
No hesitations

Today’s your day I feel it
You paved the way Believe it
If you get down Get up Oh oh…
When you get down Get up eh eh…

Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa
This time for Africa
Tsamina mina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa
Tsamina mina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonder Girls | Nobody But You

You know I still love you baby,
And It'll never change.

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

Why are you trying, to push me away? I really hate it, you ignore what Im saying.
Why are you trying to send me to other guys?
Why are you doing this to me?

Saying that this is for my own good,
Saying that you are just not enough,
Stop it right now, you know me well enough.
Why are you forcing things that you know I dont like?

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you!
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

Im satisfied, Im happy.
If I have you, I dont want anything else.
Who do want me to meet and be happy with?
I cant be happy away from your side!

Saying that this is for my own good,
Saying that you are just not enough.
Why cant you understand that it makes no sense?
How can I be happy without you?!

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

I dont want nobody, body.
I dont want nobody, body.

Really, if its not you, I hate it!

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

I want nobody, nobody but you!
I want nobody, nobody but you!
I dont want anyone else
I cant have anyone but you
I want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody.

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Everything was like a dream
I want to go back to those times
Why do you keep on pushing me away?
Why do you push me away
I dont want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Free from Drugs and Alcohol

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hujan dan pelangi


"Sebab setelah hujan selalu ada seseorang yang datang sebagai pelangi, dan memelukmu.

: Aku ingin orang itu selamanya aku. "

— Abdurahman Faiz (Nadya: Kisah dari Negeri yang Menggigil)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pindah Rumah Baru

Akhirnya saya memutuskn untuk pindah rumah baru :D Alamat rumah barunya di sini
Rumah yg ini ga akan di kunci dan ditelantarkan kok, tetap digunakan tapi bukan lagi sebagai blog personal. Mungkin akan saya gunakan sebagai tempat penyimpanan quote2 yang saya suka, tips dan trik, atau lirik2 lagu hehehehhe *nda penting mode ON* Abisnya mau ditutup juga sayang, ini sudah jadi salah satu ladang penghasilan :D

Ini skrinsut rumah yang baru, berkunjung yuk, ada umba2 menunggu disana :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving Service Company

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

a good book

You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel as if you've lost a friend

Thursday, April 29, 2010


"Hidup itu sederhana, mulai dari tempat tidur dan berakhir juga di tempat tidur".

"Hidup ini sederhana, kamu ambil keputusan dan kamu tidak boleh menyesalinya". (dapat dari film, lupa judulnya).

"Hidup ini sederhana, ciptakan impian kamu dan lakukan segala hal untuk mendapatkan impian itu". (dapat dari film juga, lupa judulnya).

"Orang yang luar biasa itu sederhana dalam ucapan, tetapi hebat dalam tindakan." (Confusius).

"segala hal yang besar dimulai dari hal yg kecil dan sederhana".

"Buanglah kesombongan-mu & rendahkanlah dirimu dimata teman-temanmu, belajarlah untuk hidup sederhana walaupun kita punya segalanya, maka keakraban & kesetiaan akan terwujud". (dari blogger).

Lima peraturan sederhana untuk hidup bahagia.
1. Free your heart from hatred.
Bebaskan dirimu dari kebencian.
2. Free your mind from worries.
Bebaskan pikiranmu dari kesusahan.
3. Live simply.
Hiduplah secara sederhana.
4. Give more.
Berilah lebih.
5. Expect less.
Kurangilah harapan.
(milis tetangga).

"Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana... seperti kata yang tak sempat diucapkan kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu... Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana... seperti isyarat yang tak sempat dikirimkan awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada".

Ditulis ulang dari blog :

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy World Book Day!!

A room without books is like a body without a soul ~ Cicero

A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you ~ Daniel J. Boorstin

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author Unknown
~Selamat Hari Buku - Sudahkan Anda membaca hari ini ? ~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day :)

Every day is Earth Day.
Author Unknown
Iseng iseng search earth day di google images :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sandra Bullock Joins with Other Celebrity Couples

Sandra Bullock There is a myth tells that each actress who win the Oscar will get some problems with her married, in this case is divorce. That myth seems to be happened in Sandra Bullock home follow other Oscar actresses who were divorce after they got this prestigious award. Sandra Bullock who selected as the best actress in 2010 Academy Award or Oscar because her great act in “The Blind Side” seems to be gets it.

The rumors say that she is in the process of divorcement with his husband Jesse James. There are so many gossips and facts which show it. If it truly happens it will follow other divorcements happened to Oscar actresses like Hale Berry, Hillary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Basinger, Emma Thompson, Geena Davis, Helen Hunt and the sexy Angelina Jolie.

New York Daily News releases that Sandra Bullock never talks to her husband again since some months ago. But another media that are Radar Online wrote that she start to have conversation with Jesse James again but through intermediaries. This couple looks like never met face to face anymore. The problem happens in Sandra Bullock family since facts about her husband revealed in the media. Jesse James has affairs with some girls, and they even said that he likes to video his sex with those girls. Radar Online releases that Jesse James at least has 12 tapes which contains his sex with those girls. Jesse James has 4 girls but the latest news said that he has 7 girls. This video news makes Sandra Bullock stress and she said that she does not have any sex tapes.

Jesse James wants to maintain his unity with Sandra Bullock, but Sandra still wants to have the divorcement. Professional mediators have been contacted and try to re-unite this couple again, but Sandra’s decision is still the same as in the news that she wants to divorce. This news probably will still running and always becomes headlines in the media. If the divorcement happens, it will complete the Celebrity Couples who have divorced.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michael Heart - We Will Not Go Down lyrics

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they're dead or alive

They came with their tanks and their planes
With ravaging fiery flames
And nothing remains
Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who's wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

150 Lagu Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa

Versi Majalah Rolling Stone, berikut adalah daftar 150 lagu Indonesia Terbaik sepanjang masa. Artikelnya udah lama sih. Udah dari November 2009, tapi masih layaklah untuk dibagi disini. Ini dia :


1. Bongkar Swami
2. Kebyar – Kebyar Gombloh
3. Badai Pasti Berlalu Berlian Hutauruk
4. Bis Sekolah Koes Bersaudara
5. Guru Oemar Bakrie Iwan Fals
6. Kembali Ke Jakarta Koes Plus
7. Berita Kepada Kawan Ebiet G. Ade
8. Kehidupan God Bless
9. Sakura Fariz RM
10. Bento Swami

11. Bengawan Solo Oslan Husein & Teruna Ria
12. Kompor Mleduk Benyamin. S
13. Lilin-Lilin Kecil Chrisye
14. Memang Slank
15. Rock Bergema Roxx
16. Yogyakarta Kla Project
17. Tuhan Bimbo
18. Neraka Jahanam Duo Kribo
19. Nusantara I Koes Plus

20. Siti Nurbaya Dewa19
21. Panggung Sandiwara Ahmad Albar
22. Rumah Kita God Bless
23. Barcelona Fariz RM
24. Begadang Rhoma Irama
25. Kemarau New Rollies
26. Kidung Chris Manusama
27. Nuansa Bening Keenan Nasution
28. Burung Camar Vina Panduwinata
29. Dan Sheila On 7
30. Kosong Pure Saturday

31. Kolam Susu Koes Plus
32. Kupu Kupu Malam Titik Puspa
33. Pemuda Chaisero
34. Melayang January Christie
35. Ikuti Edane
36. Bebas Iwa K
37. Bendera Cokelat
38. Anak Pantai Imanez
39. Janji Gigi
40. Sabda Alam Ismail Marzuki

41. Bing Titik Puspa
42. Yang Terlupakan Iwan Fals
43. Merpati Putih Chrisye
44. Malaria Harry Roesli
45. Melati Dari Jayagiri Bimbo
46. Angin Malam Broery Pesolima
47. Mimpi Anggun C. Sasmi
48. Biru Kidnap Katrina
49. Tentang Kita Kla Project
50. Camelia Ebiet G. Ade

51. Surat Buat Wakil Rakyat Iwan Fals
52. Impresi Pas Band
53. Damai Tapi Gersang Adji Bandi
54. Jarum Neraka Nicky Astria
55. Mobil Balap Naif
56. Pesawat Tempur Iwan Fals
57. Tangan Tangan Setan Nicky Astria
58. Esokkan Masih Ada Utha Likumahuwa
59. Indonesia Mahardika Guruh Gipsy
60. Zamrud Khatulistiwa Guruh Soekarno Poetra

61. Penguasa Roxx
62. Gemilang Krakatau
63. Apatis Benny Soebardja
64. Astaga Ruth Sahanaya
65. Galang Rambu Anarki Iwan Fals
66. Gang Kelinci Lilis Suryani
67. Kumpul Bocah Vina Panduwinata
68. Aku Ingin Indra Lesmana
69. Gubahanku Dedy Damhudi
70. Payung Fantasi Bing Slamet

71. Surabaya Dara Puspita
72. Anak Jalanan Chrisye
73. Bunga /rif
74. Salah Potret
75. Tentang Aku Jingga
76. Terbang Gigi
77. Walah Netral
78. Api Asmara Rien Djamain
79. Ayam Den Lapeh Gumarang
80. Bunga di Tepi Jalan Koes Plus

81. Flamboyan Bimbo
82. Kesaksian Kantata Takwa
83. Kelelawar Koes Plus
84. Laron Laron Makara
85. Generasiku Boomerang
86. Distorsi Ahmad Band
87. Mahadewi Padi
88. Manis & Sayang Koes Plus
89. Sepercik Air Dedy Stanzah
90. Merepih Alam Chrisye

91. Mawar Berduri Favourites Group
92. Pelangi Koes Plus
93. Pesta Elfa’s Singer
94. Interlokal Symphony
95. Renjana Guruh Soekarno Putra
96. Posesif Naif
97. Sarjana Muda Iwan Fals
98. Berita Cuaca Gombloh
99. Gulagalugu Suara Nelayan Leo Kristi
100. Jemu Koes Plus

101. Tolong Bu Dokter Flowers
102. Kau Chandra Darusman
103. Hasrat & Cita Andi Meriem Matalatta
104. Anak Anak Terang Suara Persaudaraan
105. Genjer Genjer Bing Slamet
106. Atur Aku Puppen
107. Terserah Humania
108. Warik LFM
109. Sobat Padi
110. Bunda Potret

111. Kebebasan Singiku
112. Pulau Biru Slank
113. Mari Mari Dara Puspita
114. Kepada Perang Gong 2000
115. Ratu Sejagad Vonny Sumlang
116. Surat Undangan Rita Zaharah
117. Pergi Untuk Kembali Melky Goeslaw
118. Nurlela Bing Slamet
119. Musim Bunga Franky & Jane
120. Negeri Di Awan Katon Bagaskara

121. Selangkah Ke Seberang Fariz RM
122. Simponi Yang Indah Bob Tutupoly
123. Kembalikan Baliku Jopie Latul
124. Baby Rock SAS
125. Do What You Like AKA
126. Di Dalam Bui Koes Bersaudara
127. Terbunuh Sepi Slank
128. Kudaku Lari Elly Kasim
129. Senandung Maaf White Shoes & The Couples Company
130. Matraman The Upstairs

131. Di Udara Efek Rumah Kaca
132. Mengadili Persepsi Seringai
133. Mengejar Matahari Ari Lasso
134. Laskar Pelangi Nidji
135. Dan Senyumlah Sinikini
136. Konservatif The Adams
137. Mendekati Surga Koil
138. No Fruits For Today Sore
139. Di Sayidan Shaggydog
140. Kukatakan Dengan Indah Peterpan

141. Takkan Guest Band
142. Papaja Cha Cha Adikarso
143. Cinta Melulu Efek Rumah Kaca
144. Welcome to My Paradise Steven & Coconut Treez
145. Mimpi D & R
146. Jari & Jempol Dedy Stanzah
147. Melompat Lebih Tinggi Sheila On 7
148. Langkah Peri Cherry Bombshell
149. Matel Kubik
150. Me & My Boyfriend Mocca


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Semua, semua, semua.....dapat dikabulkan ...

:: nakke ero kammanne nakke ero kammanjo..ero anne ero antu jaii sikali, yangaseng..yangaseng..kulle d kabulkang..kulle di kabulkang sagang kocikang ajaib . Nakke ero ribba bebas ri awanga. Hoi kipasana bulo ! La la la nakke ngae sikali doraemong ::

Mari kita bernyanyi dengan nada dasar C lagu dari Doramon :))

Lagu ini saya temukan di status facebooknya intan, hihihi lucunya. Coba dinyanyikan dengan nada-nada lagu Doraemon. Mungkin hanya lucu bagi yang mengerti bahasa Makassar :D

Online Casino and Gambling Guide

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Selamat Ulang Tahun Bloggers Cafe

26 Maret 2009 – 26 Maret 2010. Alhamdulillah, genap setahun usia Bloggers Cafe.
Selamat Ulang Tahun Bloggers Cafe!!! Semoga ke depan makin jaya, makin sukses, makin ramai pengunjung dan lebih baik lagi dalam hal fasilitas dan pelayanan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

- Terima Kasih -

Iseng posting2 prakata di skripsi hehehhe Terima kasih :)


Assalamu ’Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alamin. Segala puji bagi Allah SWT, Rabb seluruh alam. Allah SWT, yang membuat segalanya terjadi sehingga penulis dapat menyelesaikan penulisan skripsi berjudul “Analisis Logam Berat Co Dan Ni Pada Tanah Tambang Nikel, Lahan Pembuangan Tailing Dan Lahan Pasca Tambang Nikel Soroako Dengan Metode Spektrofotometer Serapan Atom (SSA)”. Semua kejadian yang penulis alami selama menempuh pendidikan ini, senyum, tangis, sehat, sakit, lapang dan sempit mudah-mudahan selalu menjadi inspirasi dan motivasi dikemudian hari walaupun kadang kurang bijak menyingkapinya pada saat betul-betul mengalaminya.

Dengan setulus hati, penghargaan penulis persembahkan kepada kedua orang tua penulis: (Alm) A. Tarawe Opu dg. Silasa dan ibunda tercinta St. Aisyah untuk doa, perhatian dan kasih sayang yang tidak pernah putus. Untuk kakak, keponakan dan seluruh keluarga yang selalu merindukan penulis dan menjadi sumber semangat dan motivasi penulis untuk tetap berjuang menyelesaikan pendidikan. Semoga penulis dapat diberi kesempatan untuk bisa membahagiakan mereka.

Ucapan terima kasih dan penghargaan yang setinggi-tingginya penulis haturkan kepada Bapak Prof. Dr H. M. Syahrul, M. Agr selaku Pembimbing Utama, Bapak Prof. Dr. H. Abd. Wahid Wahab, M.Sc selaku Pembimbing Pertama dan Bapak Syahruddin Kasim, S.Si, M.Si selaku Pembimbing Kedua yang telah menyisihkan waktu, tenaga, pikiran dan amat bersabar menghadapi penulis sejak awal rencana penelitian hingga terselesaikannya skripsi ini.

Terima kasih yang sedalam-dalamnya kepada Bapak-Bapak dan Ibu-Ibu Dosen Jurusan Kimia, Bapak Dr. Firdaus Zenta MS, Bapak Dr. Maming, M.Si, terima kasih atas ilmu yang diajarkan dan kesempatan yang diberikan kepada Penulis.

Penulis tak lupa menyampaikan terima kasih kepada adik-adik HMK yang telah membantu selama penyelesaian skripsi. Untuk Fibhy, K’ Anti, rekan Kimia Angkatan 2002, teman-teman Blogger Makassar Angingmammiri. Org dan teman-teman di Astamediagroup, especially Asri Tadda – the best Boss in the world -, terima kasih untuk semua doa, dukungan dan pengertiannya, sungguh, itu semua sangat berarti di saat menjalani masa sulit seperti ini. Terima kasih secara khusus dan tulus kepada Anbhar, jangan pernah lelah :) Seluruh warga Keluarga Mahasiswa Kimia (KMK) UH, terima kasih untuk tegur sapa dan senyumnya, tetap semangat sampai akhir untuk mencapai keadaan dan hasil terbaik. Untuk semua pihak yang tidak sempat dituliskan namanya, mohon maaf karena kertas ini terlalu sempit untuk mencatat bantuan dari kalian semua.

Pujian dan kritikan adalah sahabat terbaik seorang penulis, maka dengan segala kerendahan hati penulis ucapkan banyak terima kasih untuk semua tanggapan tentang skripsi ini. Semoga menjadi kesatuan masukan yang berharga untuk penulis supaya berkarya lebih baik lagi, dan semoga bermanfaat untuk yang membacanya sekecil apa pun manfaat itu. Amin

Alhamdulillah :)

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya, meski dengan terseok-seok, dengan susah payah membagi waktu, semua bisa dilewati juga.

JIka diingat2 kembali, 5 bulan yang lalu, saya amat sangat pesimis suatu saat akan berada pada titik ini. Titik dimana saya bisa berkata dengan lantang : finally, i'm done there. Tapi dengan banyak dukungan dan dorongan, akhirnya saya selalu berusaha berpikir positif bahwa saya bisa. Selalu menggumamkan mantra: semua ini akan terlewati, dan saya mampu melewatinya.

Pagi ke kampus, sore ke kantor, malam pulang ke kost kerja skripsi dan maen game *teteup*, sungguh hari-hari yang melelahkan. Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Pemurah, memberikan saya teman2 yang begitu baik dan siap membantu saya selalu. Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Pemurah, memberikan saya nikmat kesehatan, meskipun ritme tidur dan makan tidak teratur. Alhamdulillah :)

Ketika seorang teman mengatakan "juru kunci akhirnya selamat" saya sempat tersinggung. Tapi yaaa, saya memang juru kunci di angkatan saya. mau bilang apalagi? Dan juru kunci ataupun bukan, toh nasib kita selanjutnya tidak ditentukan dari situ. Saya bahagia dengan apa yang telah saya lewati. Semua yang telah saya lalui, merupakan bagian dari perjalanan hidup saya, merupakan bagian dari proses pembelajaran, merupakan bagian dari proses pendewasaan diri saya. Dan ketika selesai pun, saya bukan pengangguran. Saya punya pekerjaan yang bisa menghidupi saya. Dan yang lebih membahagiakan lagi, saya mencintai pekerjaan saya :) So, tolong, jangan menatapku seperti itu. Saya tidak butuh dikasihani.

Hahahhahha, jadi curhat :P

Terima kasih kepada Nanang, Jo, Kiki, Bhakti, Adik2 pengurus HMK, terima kasih atas bantuannya. Kepada arny, budi, Mus, terima kasih atas pengertiannya.

Terima kasih secara khusus dan tulus, kepada anbhar :) jangan pernah lelah ^_^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My hobby is Shopping


This morning, I'm feeling a bit stress because as a girl we need shopping and I haven't bought anything for the past three weeks. Can you imagine how stress I am now? I'm sure every girl can imagine it. My friend told me shopping in shopping online but occasionally my browsing leads me to Extrabux. It’s offer cash back rebates and I think that’s a great way to save my money. I'm extremely grateful for the selection that the Internet gives me. I'd be totally out of luck without it. I do not shop as often as before and I think I'm going nuts because of the lack of shopping Maybe I need to change My attitude to buying certain things. But the best thing is more online shopping i do, the more I will earn.

Today is age of shopping online, there’re many people rarely ever go to mall anymore because it’s so easy to click a mouse and have anything you want home goods delivered right to your door. Comparison shopping takes more time but it’s okay because it’s my hobby. Now everything has changed when i got a good website for Online Shopping Deals. shopping online is much easier and quicker and I can get everything that I won't be able to do freely in a real world.

My Brother Problems

Do you agree if I say that math is hard, actually I am good at math and maybe I have talent?

There are many people say that solving Math homework is hard, including my young brother. I told him to try to solve his own problem, I tried explaining to my brother what he did, but he refused to acknowledge he did or said anything inappropriate, calling me an ‘idiot’ and ‘retarded’ for not understanding the real story.

My mom asked me to help him but the problem is” I don’t have time for him”, I am so busy. I look he still confuse with calculus, maybe if I have a time I will help him to solve calculus.
Calculus is hard for him So, I try browsing in internet and looking for Calculus tutor and Calculus help, my browsing leads me to free math tutoring online and it’s real free.

I am very enthusiastic and my brother is enthusiastic also for trying new ways of Learning and it’s free math homework help. I definitely agree with their system that we should not automatically reject because I think it's different than any free math tutoring. Their tutors are available 24x7 to help my brother’s Math Homework and give him explanations to his Math problems. Their help service is very affordable and easy to use for my brother. Honestly, I am jealous, It‘s different when I was kids. However, if the kid and his reasonably intelligent dad can't figure it out, it's not accomplishing what it's supposed to.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

-Wish Me Luck-

Besok. Doakan saya.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excitement In Your Math Homework Help

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Kopdar dengan Yudha, Blogger Batagor


18.20 - Yudha tiba di Bloggers Cafe dan langsung menuju bartender, bertanya.

18.25 - Kenalan dan ngobrol2 sambil nunggu yang laen datang.
18.30 - Anhie turun dari lt. 2 dan anbhar tiba di cafe, abis dari rumah Rara. Ngobrol2 lagi.
19.30 - Vby turun dari lt. 2, ikut bergabung, kenalan dengan Yudha dan langsung pergi lagi.
19.40 - Formasi masih sama, saya, yudha, anhie dan anbhar.
19.45 - Mus datang, dan ikut bergabung, kenalan dengan Yudha.
19.55 - Asri Tadda, owner Astamedia, ngajak makan di Ratu Gurih. Akhirnya berangkat.
20.05 - Herman nelfon klo dia ada di Bloggers Cafe.
20.10 - Akmal nelfon, mengabarkan klo dia di Bloggers Cafe.
20.20 - Tiba di Ratu Gurih Lamadukelleng, FULL!! Akhirnya nunggu ada kursi kosong.

20.30 - Baru dapat kursi dan mulai memesan.
20.50 - Herman dan tika nelfon.
21.20 - Akhirnya selesai makan dan meninggalkan Ratu Gurih, kembali ke Bloggers Cafe.
21.35 - Herman kembali nelfon, mulai tidak sabar menunggu.
22.00 - Tiba kembali di Bloggers Cafe, Formasinya berubah - Saya, yudha, anbhar, anhie, akmal, tika, Herman - ngobrol2 lagi.

22.20 - Akmal dan Tika pulang.
22.40 - Erwin datang dan ikut bergabung.
00.30 - Memutuskan untuk mengakhiri obrolan dan segera pulang.

Kopdar yang menyenangkan :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Better Way to Solve Math Problems

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