Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jack O' Lantern

Jack O' Lantern merupakan simbol dari Halloween day. Jack O' Lantern terbuat dari labu yang dipotong bagian atasnya, kemudian dikeluarkan isinya dan diukir menyerupai kepala yang menyeringai. Ukiran jack o' lantern bisa menyeramkan aaupun lucu tergantung dari orang yang membuatnya. Setelah diukir, di bagian dalam labu diletakkan lilin atau pun lampu, kemudian ditutup.

Ada banyak versi dari jack o' lantern ini. Yang populer adalah legenda dari Irlandia. Menurut legenda Irlandia, petani malas tapi cerdas bernama Jack berhasil menipu sang setan dengan salib sehingga setan berjanji untuk tidak memasukkan Jack ke neraka. Ketika Jack meninggal, Jack tidak boleh masuk surga karena telah banyak berbuat dosa. Tapi Jack tidak juga boleh masuk ke neraka karena tidak diizinkan setan. Jack kemudian membuat lentera dari lobak besar yang di dalamnya berisi lilin dan meminta api dari neraka. Sampai sekarang ini, arwah penasaran Jack masih berkeliling dunia mencari tempat peristirahatan terakhir sambil membawa lentera. Jack-o'-Lantern merupakan singkatan dari "Jack of the Lantern" yang berarti Jack yang membawa lentera.

Beberapa ukiran dari Jack O' Lantern. Lucu dan kreatif. Ukiran lainnya bisa dilihat di Kaskus.

Halloween Day

31 Oktober, Halloween day. Sudah sejak lama saya mendengar tentang halloween day, meski tidak pernah tergerak untuk merayakannya. Tapi semenjak maen Pet Society, salah satu game yang ada di fesbuk, saya semakin penasaran dengan halloween day. Pasalnya, item-item halloween yang ada di pet society semuanya lucu-lucu tapi mahal :(

Setelah coba-coba search di wikipedia, akhirnya saya dapet definisi dari Halloween.
Halloween atau Hallowe’en adalah tradisi perayaan malam tanggal 31 Oktober, dan terutama dirayakan di Amerika Serikat. Tradisi ini berasal dari Irlandia, dan dibawa oleh orang Irlandia yang beremigrasi ke Amerika Utara. Halloween dirayakan anak-anak dengan memakai kostum seram, dan berkeliling dari pintu ke pintu rumah tetangga meminta permen atau cokelat sambil berkata "Trick or treat!" Ucapan tersebut adalah semacam "ancaman" yang berarti "Beri kami (permen) atau kami jahili." Di zaman sekarang, anak-anak biasanya tidak lagi menjahili rumah orang yang tidak memberi apa-apa. Sebagian anak-anak masih menjahili rumah orang yang pelit dengan cara menghiasi pohon di depan rumah mereka dengan tisu toilet atau menulisi jendela dengan sabun.
Menurut sejarahnya, halloween berasal dari festival Samhain (dari bahasa Irlandia Kuno samain) yang dirayakan orang Kelt zaman kuno yang menganut paganisme. Simbol halloween adalah labu yang diukir membentuk wajah menyeramkan dan disebut jack o'lantern.

Halloween diidentikkan dengan penyihir, burung hantu, setan, kucing hitam, kelelawar dan lain-lain hal yang sejenis. Bagi anak-anak di Amerika, Halloween berarti kesempatan memakai kostum Halloween dan mendapatkan permen, sedangkan bagi orang dewasa adalah kesempatan berpesta kostum.

Di Indonesia sendiri, sudah banyak yang ikut merayakan pesta Halloween baik anak-anak maupun orang dewasa. Menurut liputan6, di Jakarta diadakan pesta halloween dengan menggunakan kostum-kostum yang unik.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Debt Management to Clear the Debts

Debt Management When we used the credit cards, we might never imagine that things could end up this bad. Today, some of us were being trapped with the debts. Many of us couldn’t pay the credit card bills that we had before. After sometimes, the bills have already turned into some debts. The problem is; we couldn’t pay the debts. What should we do? This is not the excellent situation for us. We need some ways out.

In the internet, we could get some excellent ways out to clear the whole debts problems. At least, you don’t have to deal with the debt collectors anymore. There are many kinds of debt settlements such as the debt consolidation, or many other ways. Well, before you applied for the helps, it would be better if you joined the debt management counseling course. In the course, they will teach you how to handle the debts.

They would teach you some excellent ways to manage the debts without messing up your life. If you are interested, click the to get more information about the counseling stuff. This might be the perfect solution for you. So, when you have some problems with the debts, join the counseling groups to get more information

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why we should invest in Gold Coin and Bullion?

invest in Gold Coin and BullionGold is timeless currency. Gold has different characteristics from other commodities. Perceived value of gold throughout the world. Gold has a limited supply and unlimited demand, so the price of gold is increasingly rising.

Gold is a unique commodity limited number in the world and is the only item that can be mined on the surface of the earth. Gold is also an alternative money with timeless buying power and the value set by the market. Glory and sparkle still fascinating, including the investment world. We can invest to buy gold coin and not have to worry about falling prices, as gold prices tend to be stable.

That is why I am interested to invest in gold because i estimate, gold is a precious metal that has many advantages and has a small risk levels in the decline of trading value.

We can buy gold coin in Buy gold bullion from this site can make your transaction more safety and comfortable. Many of the bullion coins available here, the best website when you are need and want to buy bullion and you can purchase gold bullion here. So, forget your past failure, start calculating and allocate your money how much you want to invest in it

Playing music and enjoy!

It's wrong if there is a presumption that the music is owned by professional musicians or academics. Almost all the gaps of human life has been filled with music since a thousand years ago. Start of the ceremony of worship to the glitter of the evening entertainment. Today, the public interest in music became large. Not just listen and enjoy, interest in learning music is very high now.

Playing music is a fun activity. Music can evoke one's emotions. The sound of stomping music that will stimulate the body to move to the rhythm of rap music played. Mozzart, for example, will bring peace and making more relaxed. Moreover, not just listen, we are also playing the music.

So many alternative music to choose. The same is a musical instrument. Currently popular is a piano. Music trained to think and practice fine motor skills through finger movements. We should train the children to play music from an early age. Playing music provides a positive influence in one's intelligence. People who learn music can improve intelligence and achievement in other disciplines, taught to discipline and improve self-confidence.

Buy a musical instrument is not an easy thing. is a complete online shopping and offers many choices. ShopWiki offered in a variety of musical instruments such as Trumpets, horns, Clarinet and others. Brass instruments, woodwind instruments, string instruments and much more. So, find your musical instruments in ShopWiki:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Enjoy your life with Direct TV

baby watch TV
We've all experienced stress. There are many ways we can do to relieve stress. Some friends choose go to the mall or trip to a recreation place, some choose to browse in Internet or reading a book. Among it all, I choose watching TV to relieve my stress.

Television is a medium that can entertain or eliminate stress for the audience. Watching a comedy film or music events can be comforting. In my home, i subscribed to Direct TV. So i can view and watch programs on different channels. I do not have any problem about the signals reception because the directTV is a direct broadcast satellite, Satellite Directv.

There are several advantages we can get a satellite TV subscription, such as Because using satellite, TV services of this type can be enjoyed anywhere so far reached by the satellite provider. Already emitted broadcast using digital signals so that images and sounds well received. In addition to TV broadcasts can also be inserted satellite radio broadcasts and other additional information. Satellite TV has become a popular choice for many TV viewers.

Meja-meja Unik

Nahhh, klo yang ini meja-meja yang unik. Jadi mikir, klo punya meja seperti gambar nomor satu, wahhhhhhh (wooT)

Meja-meja Unik
Meja-meja Unik
Meja-meja Unik
Meja-meja Unik
Meja-meja Unik

Meja-meja Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Tadi cuman iseng-iseng aja search di google, eh ternyata banyak ya kursi-kursi unik yang lucu. Jadi punya mimpi, suatu saat bila punya rumah sendiri, pengen punya kursi-kursi lucu dan unik seperti ini ^^

Kursi-kursi Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Kursi-kursi Unik

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lighting Your Bedroom with Shop Wiki

The bedroom or room lighting requires careful because it is the site of the house in which you spend more time, therefore, should inspire comfort, relaxation, peace ...

To accomplish this, do not need a very elaborate lighting and in other areas of the house, but a good choice and arrangement of lights and furniture to create a special atmosphere for you.

Here are some suggestions:

* Leisure area. Create ambient lighting with a table lamp or a wall light on each side of the bed. If you have a reading corner, you only need a light to illuminate perimeter that specific area.

* If you choose to read in bed this way you will be saving both space and more comfort-you must put some lights on the sides, a bedside table lamp or some application on the wall next to the headboard, flexo type, with an articulated arm that allows us to adjust the height of the light source and intensity.

* Cases. The best is the vertical lighting with halogen bulbs can get on the roof. You can install a switch near the entrance switched and bedding.

* Paint the doors and windows with warm colors. If your bedroom has no windows or overlooking a courtyard, windows and doors painted bright green so that there is more warm and cheerful atmosphere.

* The orientation. For bedrooms orientation, this is the most appropriate for the quarterfinals and baby is the West because it offers more warmth.

* Blankets, carpets, cushions, pillows and curtains should be a whole into the room, and the trendy colors for optimum results are in the range of yellows, browns, oranges and earthy colors.

* A good idea to complete the home decoration is to place candles in some corners, they will create a more intimate and welcoming, especially if they are flavored.

You can find anything what you want in Shop wiki really knows what you need and what makes you more feel convenient to shop. All the product they sell are unique where you can not find it in ordinary store. So, happy shopping everybody :)