Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playing music and enjoy!

It's wrong if there is a presumption that the music is owned by professional musicians or academics. Almost all the gaps of human life has been filled with music since a thousand years ago. Start of the ceremony of worship to the glitter of the evening entertainment. Today, the public interest in music became large. Not just listen and enjoy, interest in learning music is very high now.

Playing music is a fun activity. Music can evoke one's emotions. The sound of stomping music that will stimulate the body to move to the rhythm of rap music played. Mozzart, for example, will bring peace and making more relaxed. Moreover, not just listen, we are also playing the music.

So many alternative music to choose. The same is a musical instrument. Currently popular is a piano. Music trained to think and practice fine motor skills through finger movements. We should train the children to play music from an early age. Playing music provides a positive influence in one's intelligence. People who learn music can improve intelligence and achievement in other disciplines, taught to discipline and improve self-confidence.

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