Monday, October 12, 2009

Lighting Your Bedroom with Shop Wiki

The bedroom or room lighting requires careful because it is the site of the house in which you spend more time, therefore, should inspire comfort, relaxation, peace ...

To accomplish this, do not need a very elaborate lighting and in other areas of the house, but a good choice and arrangement of lights and furniture to create a special atmosphere for you.

Here are some suggestions:

* Leisure area. Create ambient lighting with a table lamp or a wall light on each side of the bed. If you have a reading corner, you only need a light to illuminate perimeter that specific area.

* If you choose to read in bed this way you will be saving both space and more comfort-you must put some lights on the sides, a bedside table lamp or some application on the wall next to the headboard, flexo type, with an articulated arm that allows us to adjust the height of the light source and intensity.

* Cases. The best is the vertical lighting with halogen bulbs can get on the roof. You can install a switch near the entrance switched and bedding.

* Paint the doors and windows with warm colors. If your bedroom has no windows or overlooking a courtyard, windows and doors painted bright green so that there is more warm and cheerful atmosphere.

* The orientation. For bedrooms orientation, this is the most appropriate for the quarterfinals and baby is the West because it offers more warmth.

* Blankets, carpets, cushions, pillows and curtains should be a whole into the room, and the trendy colors for optimum results are in the range of yellows, browns, oranges and earthy colors.

* A good idea to complete the home decoration is to place candles in some corners, they will create a more intimate and welcoming, especially if they are flavored.

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