Friday, April 9, 2010

Sandra Bullock Joins with Other Celebrity Couples

Sandra Bullock There is a myth tells that each actress who win the Oscar will get some problems with her married, in this case is divorce. That myth seems to be happened in Sandra Bullock home follow other Oscar actresses who were divorce after they got this prestigious award. Sandra Bullock who selected as the best actress in 2010 Academy Award or Oscar because her great act in “The Blind Side” seems to be gets it.

The rumors say that she is in the process of divorcement with his husband Jesse James. There are so many gossips and facts which show it. If it truly happens it will follow other divorcements happened to Oscar actresses like Hale Berry, Hillary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Basinger, Emma Thompson, Geena Davis, Helen Hunt and the sexy Angelina Jolie.

New York Daily News releases that Sandra Bullock never talks to her husband again since some months ago. But another media that are Radar Online wrote that she start to have conversation with Jesse James again but through intermediaries. This couple looks like never met face to face anymore. The problem happens in Sandra Bullock family since facts about her husband revealed in the media. Jesse James has affairs with some girls, and they even said that he likes to video his sex with those girls. Radar Online releases that Jesse James at least has 12 tapes which contains his sex with those girls. Jesse James has 4 girls but the latest news said that he has 7 girls. This video news makes Sandra Bullock stress and she said that she does not have any sex tapes.

Jesse James wants to maintain his unity with Sandra Bullock, but Sandra still wants to have the divorcement. Professional mediators have been contacted and try to re-unite this couple again, but Sandra’s decision is still the same as in the news that she wants to divorce. This news probably will still running and always becomes headlines in the media. If the divorcement happens, it will complete the Celebrity Couples who have divorced.

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