Saturday, August 22, 2009

Car and our lifestyle

Many people assume that the car function just for transportation, to help us move from one place to another place quickly, safely and comfortably. In fact, more than that, the car has a range of functions that we do not know.

Car and our lifestyleFor you who have a family, the car can be a very good medium to build a harmonious family. Set certain times to go along with the family with your car. The atmosphere of togetherness in the travel time can reinforce communication with family members.

For the gregarious, the car can be function as a medium of adding a friend. Now, there are a lot of communities for car fans. In automotive communities like this we can socialize, build friendships with fellow car users.

"Determine his status by his car" the sentence always be heard. There are many reasons why someone felt it necessary to have a car. related to the job is one of the most important reason. As a symbol of status, is the reason for young people who like to socialize. someone even has a car just for collection only.

In Makassar, which is a metropolitan city, a lot of cars thatch ago in protocol streets. But cars such as BMW, Chevrolet Camaro, or Marcedes Benz, they are very rarely to seen. That cars are still classified as a luxury cars. Different with the truck, which is very easy to find even in the gangway. Most of Makassar city's inhabitant have a job as a traders who are so requires transportation such as truck to transport their commodity from one place to another place.

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