Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Holiday ^^

It's long week end now in Indonesia. July 18th is Saturday, July 20th is Sunday and July 21th is Isra Mi'raj of prophet Muhammad SAW. So, it's long week end.

What are you doing in holiday?

For me, holiday is time to have fun. I can relax at home without thinking about work. Spend more time at home is more fan than to go to Mall or go to a place like beach. I do not like crowded places. I prefer blogging, reading books, watching DVD or just watching TV then go to shopping in Mall.

I am a gamer, and i like to play online game. Sometimes, play a game spend most of my time. I also really like watching TV. It is fun lying in comfortably bed while watch a favorite program. In my home, my parents subscribed to Direct TV. So i can view and watch programs on different channels. I do not have any problem about the signals and reception because direct TV is a direct broadcast satellite, Satellite Directv. If you are interested, Visit for more information about Direct Satellite TV .

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